Cave Creek Car & Home Window Tint Solutions

Explore PuriTint’s excellent vehicle, residential, and commercial tint services in Cave Creek, AZ.

We provide ceramic window tint, anti-graffiti and security films, and custom vehicle enhancements; including paint protection film, graphic wraps, color changes, and chrome delete.

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Orange sports car with window tints and protective film

Vehicle and Property Protection Products and Services in Cave Creek, AZ.

With over 20 years of industry excellence, PuriTint of Cave Creek, AZ specializes in enhancing and protecting your vehicles as well as the residential homes you own and commercial properties. Licensed, bonded, and insured, our craftsmen are experts throughout Cave Creek, well known for our meticulous work and commitment to customer satisfaction.
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  • Orange sports car with window tints and protective film

    Paint Protection Film

    Paint protection film (clear bra) shields your vehicle's exterior from rock chips scratches, paint fading, and several types of weather damage.

  • worker applying tint film to inside of passenger window

    Ceramic Window Tint

    Ceramic window tints offer superior heat resistance and UV protection for vehicles and buildings. PuriTint offers many films that reduces 99% of harmful cancer-causing UV damage.

  • Man applying protection film to car headlinghs

    Vehicle Enhancements

    PuriTint offers extensive vehicle customization: color changes, graphic wraps, and chrome deletes.

  • commercial doors with a shattered glass door

    Ballistic & Security Films

    Ballistic and security films enhance safety by protecting your property from graffiti damage and deter break-ins, and unexpected blast events on your residential or commercial property.

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Vehicle Window Tint in Cave Creek, AZ

foreign import expensive car with window tints and protective film

Protect Your Investment

Shield yourself from the harsh Arizona sun with our SunTek® Ceramic tint, blocking 99% of UV rays and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which can be expertly applied to windows on your car, home or business.

Stay Cool in the Cave Creek Heat

Experience cooler drives around Cave Creek with our superior automotive ceramic tint designed to block intense infrared heat, ensuring your comfort even on the hottest days.

Man applying tint film to car windshield
fancy car interior with leather seats

Protect Your Car Interior

Our advanced SunTek® nano-ceramic tint protects your vehicle and property interiors from sun damage, keeping them looking new for longer.

High Performance Window Tint

Choose the best for your investments with the highest-performance ceramic window tints, offering superior infrared resistance for your car, home, or business in Cave Creek. Enjoy peace of mind with our limited lifetime warranty.

worker applying tint film to inside of passenger window

Cave Creek Residential & Commercial Property Window Tint and Protection Film

Man applying window tint film to residential home window

Commercial Property Window Tinting and Protection

Cave Creek businesses benefit from PuriTint's window tinting services that reduce heat and glare while protecting interiors from UV damage. Our security films also enhance safety against break-ins and natural disasters, promoting a more secure and efficient workplace.

Residential Home Window Tinting and Protection

Cave Creek homeowners benefit from our residential window tinting that enhances privacy, lowers energy costs, and protects against UV rays. Our excellent high-quality tints keep homes cool, reducing summer cooling expenses. Additionally, our ballistic and security films add a layer of safety, making homes more secure against external threats.

Cave Creek, AZ. Security & Ballistic Film Products & Services

commercial doors with a shattered glass door

Enhanced Safety with Security Films

Our security films provide crucial protection against property damage and break-ins, perfect for residential and commercial spaces in Cave Creek.

Cadillac Escalade with ballistic film

Robust Protection with Ballistic Films

Ballistic films safeguard against natural disasters and external impacts, offering enhanced safety for properties in Cave Creek.

Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle against the elements with our dual-action SunTek®Ultimate Paint Protection Film, offering both PPF and ceramic coating benefits. Choose from our tailored protection bundles:

Standard Bundle
The Standard Bundle comes with 24" coverage of the front hood with fenders, back of mirrors, and front bumper.

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Tesla car with window tints and protective film - plan 1
Ultimate Bundle
The Ultimate Bundle includes full hood coverage with fenders, back of mirrors, headlights and front bumper.

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Tesla car with window tints and protective film - plan 2
Platinum Bundle
The Platinum Bundle includes ALL painted surfaces of the vehicle and ceramic window tint.

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Tesla car with window tints and protective film - plan 3

Disclaimer: The pricing provided is based on a standard 4-door vehicle configuration. Please note that costs may vary for other vehicle types including, but not limited to, trucks, midsize vehicles, Tesla models, recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, or planes. For a detailed quote tailored to your specific vehicle type, please contact our service team directly.

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Proudly Serving Cave Creek, AZ

Proudly serving the entire Cave Creek Arizona region, we bring our top-tier window tinting and vehicle protection services directly to your doorstep.

We offer mobile window tint, paint protection film, as well as commercial and residential services in and around the service areas of:
Carefree, Desert Mountain, Desert Mountain Phase II, Desert Mountain Phase III, Ocotillo Ridge Estates, Mesquite Ranch, Desert Creek, Loringwood Estates, Carroll Heights  

For Personalized Service: 602-644-1595
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Our Process

Mobile Tinting at Your Doorstep

Consultation & Scheduling

Call us directly or submit a request for a form. We will discuss your needs, address any concerns or requirements, and get your service on the calendar.

Preparation and Setup

On your scheduled day, you will receive a text or phone call to let you know our team has arrived on site at your location.

We will then take proper measurements & prepare your vehicle or building for a smooth installation process.


For window tinting, the installation time is around 3 hours.

Our paint protection film is dependent on how much of the car is being treated. A full PPF will take about 4-5 hours.

Quality Assurance and Care Instructions

After all windows are tinted, the technician performs a final inspection to ensure the tint has been applied correctly, and that there are no visible defects or imperfections.

We provide care instructions to explain how to maintain your newly tinted windows.

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