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Struggling with high indoor temperatures and lack of privacy?

Standard windows in homes and businesses do not protect against harmful UV rays or provide the privacy you need. This lack of protection can lead to uncomfortable, overheated interiors, especially in the intense Arizona sun. Over time, exposure to UV rays not only heats up your spaces but also increases the risk of skin damage for occupants and causes fading of furniture and décor. Additionally, without proper tinting, the lack of privacy can make you feel exposed and vulnerable, whether you're working in a busy office or relaxing at home. Quality window tinting can address these issues by blocking harmful UV rays, keeping your interiors cooler, and providing the privacy you deserve.

Stop Enduring High Electric Bills and Interior Damage from the Arizona Sun

Without proper window tinting, your home or business interior will become unbearably hot, especially during the sweltering summer months in Arizona. This intense heat makes living and working conditions uncomfortable and increases your electric bills due to extended A/C use. The sun's harsh UV rays can penetrate untreated windows, causing long-term damage like fading, cracking, and weakening your furniture, flooring, and décor. More importantly, prolonged exposure to UV rays significantly increases the risk of skin cancer for occupants. Quality window tinting, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, blocks up to 99% of harmful rays. Investing in window tinting not only keeps your interiors cooler and reduces energy costs but also protects your health by reducing the risk of skin cancer.

We understand the problem, and we can help!

At PuriTint, we offer expert window tinting solutions designed to enhance the comfort and protection of your home and office. Our professional installation services ensure maximum UV protection, privacy, and cooler indoor environments, making your living and working spaces more enjoyable and safe.

How PuriTint can help.

Choosing the Right Tint

Selecting the right tint level is crucial for achieving optimal results. We help you choose the best tint that balances UV protection, heat reduction, and privacy according to your specific needs and preferences.

Professional Installation

Having your window tints installed by professionals ensures a flawless application without bubbles or peeling. Our experienced technicians guarantee a perfect fit and finish, maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of your tint.

High Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality tint materials to ensure durability and superior performance. Our premium tints offer excellent UV protection, heat rejection, and aesthetic appeal.

Mobile Service

Enjoy the convenience of our mobile service that comes to your location. Whether you're at home or work, our team will handle the installation process, saving you time and effort.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your window tints in top condition. We provide easy-to-follow maintenance tips that help maximize the lifespan of your tint and keep it looking great for years to come.

Legal Compliance

Ensuring that your window tint complies with local laws is essential to avoid fines and legal issues. We make sure your tint meets all legal requirements, giving you peace of mind while driving.

The Importance of UV Protection for Residential and Commercial Spaces

The Skin Cancer Foundation emphasizes the importance of UV protection for both residential and commercial spaces, as standard windows provide minimal defense against harmful UV rays. To mitigate this risk, the Foundation recommends installing UV-blocking window films, which can block up to 99% of UV radiation. These films protect your skin and prevent interior fading and damage while allowing natural light to enter homes and businesses​​. Keep your self and your family safe. Schedule Today!

Who is PuriTint?

With over 20 years of industry experience, the craftsmen at PuriTint are renowned for their high-quality work, diligent craftsmanship, and commitment to protecting vehicles, homes, and commercial properties in Peoria, Glendale, and Phoenix. Whether you need mobile car window tinting, residential window tinting, vehicle paint protection, or security films, PuriTint is your trusted, licensed, bonded, and insured provider. ROC #349690

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Our Process

Mobile Tinting at Your Doorstep

Consultation & Scheduling

Call us directly or submit a request for a form. We will discuss your needs, address any concerns or requirements, and get your service on the calendar.

Preparation and Setup

On your scheduled day, you will receive a text or phone call to let you know our team has arrived on site at your location.

We will then take proper measurements & prepare your vehicle or building for a smooth installation process.


Home or commercial window tinting installation times can vary depending on the size of the work and the complexity of the desired look. Our team will work closely with you to determine an accurate time range.

Quality Assurance and Care Instructions

After all windows are tinted, the technician performs a final inspection to ensure the tint has been applied correctly, and that there are no visible defects or imperfections.

We provide care instructions to explain how to maintain your newly tinted windows.

PuriTint Services

Protect Your Investment

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Ceramic Window Tint from SunTek® provides a 99% UV protection for your car, truck, minivan and/or RV. Our  ceramic window tint films are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Stay Cool in the Heat, See It Clear

Our top-of-the-line automotive tint is engineered to deliver enhanced heat-blocking performance, impressively resisting higher levels of infrared heat to ensure you a cooler driving experience.

Keep Vehicle Interiors Newer, Longer

Our top-performing tint category provided by SunTek® is engineered with a unique nano-ceramic construction for our ultimate tint performance so your interior will be shielded  from potential sun damage.

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